Easy, Breezy, SPRINGY

Spring has sprung & so have the latest trends! From recent shopping trips, to Pinterest, to fashion magazines I have noticed 3 recurring fashion statements: gingham, denim, and jumpsuits. I, myself am thrilled because I love all three! I dug through my wardrobe and put together outfits incorporating these trends.

Below you can find a little in site on each trend, few different ways I have styled them, and where you can get these spring essentials to add to your wardrobe!

✰Gingham: Gingham is a checkered/plaid related print that comes in many colors, but traditionally seen in black and white. It can be dressed up or dressed down and adds just the right amount of sass to assure a show stoping outfit.

Get the look: Gingham Jump suit, Gingham Skirt

Denim: Denim is a timeless fabric that can be used for countless clothing articles and accessories. It comes in every shade and color you can imagine making it inexcusable to not have a denim jacket… or 4 hanging in your closet!

Get the look: white denim dress, denim heels, denim jacket, multi denim skirt

Jumpsuits: Even if the last 2 were a no for you, there’s no way you can pass up a jumpsuit! Pants and a shirt all in one? Count me in! Whether you wake up feeling lazy or fabulous, there is a jumpsuit for you! Ranging in various fabrics, prints, colors, and cuts you can always find one to slip on and rock out your day.

Get the look: Striped jump suit, Gingham Jumpsuit (linked under gingham)


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