Not So Plain White Tee

Expression of ones true self is crucial in order to live your best life. There are many ways to do so, but my favorite happens to be through…sticker,375x360-bg,ffffff

Often we get caught up in what we think others want to see. We let magazines tell us what clothes are right for our body types. We let our confidence levels, that have ultimately been hindered by these magazines, hold us back from rocking the outfits we truly desire.

Though I know fashion isn’t everyones number one priority because you have more important things to worry about or you don’t care what others think of you, putting thought in your outfits doesn’t automatically make you a “try-hard”.Fashion is an open window of endless creativity and the outfit combos you can create are unlimited.

For this post I have gotten together with a few of my friends who have completely different styles, personalities, and body types from each other and never fail to make a statement with their clothing choices. I gave them all the same plain white body suit and told them to make an outfit, any outfit they want, but it has to include this body suit. The purpose of this is to show how creative fashion can get; how you can make 5 completely different looks while all wearing the same shirt.

The looks are displayed in slide shows below-may take time to load


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The first girl we have is named Charlotte Dixon. She describes herself as sassy, silly, and outgoing… in other words a mini Kardashian. Charlotte styled the white body suit with frayed denim shorts, BCBG coral and black shoes, Free people sunglasses, and a Kate spade bag. This outfit definitely sends “Kourt-K out to brunch” vibes which I think captures Charlotte as a whole perfectly. She transformed this simple article of clothing into her own sassy look.

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The second girl we have is Hope Gardner. She describes herself as bubbly, passionate, and optimistic. I would compare her to a Betty Cooper meets Toni Topaz (Riverdale reference). Hope has spiced up the plain white tee with a light pink cheer skirt from Forever 21, a distressed denim jacket from Forever 21, a light pink choker from The YaYa Club, white Keds, and not to mention her blue tips. You can never go wrong with a mixture of pastels and denim! Hope lets her fun and girly personality radiate throughout her style.

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The third girly we have is Sydney Nunley. She describes herself as silly & joyful, which I agree with but would also like to throw in selfless and a big ball of sunshine! She put together a funky ensemble that includes a denim skirt from Pac Sun, a bralette from Pac Sun, a thrifted floral flannel, shoes from Target, necklaces from Urban Outfitters, and a Go ring which you can buy to help support her journey on The World Race this upcoming year! Add whatever jewelry you would like to your cart and at check out select her name! Syd is a free spirit and that definitely shines in her outfit of choice.

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The fourth girl we have is Carlie Goltz.She describes herself as energetic, happy, and resourceful! Carlie used a purple velvet skirt from forever 21, a button up shirt from urban outfitters, a western inspired belt from Free People, a bandana from Free people, earrings from Forever 21, shoes from Steve Madden and a purse from Zara to complete her look! Carlie’s spunky yet adorable look goes along with her spunky and adorable personality.

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& finally we have myself, Jayden Dupuis. I would describe myself as passionate & strong willed with a little sass. I styled the body suit with a patched denim jacket from Saks Fifth Avenue, Side striped pants from Zara, Checkered Vans, a bandana from Cotton On, and a Kate Spade back pack. I personally don’t think I have a specific style, in fact I could see myself wearing all of these outfits! I love to mix and match trends and pretty much just dress depending on how I feel that day, which is something you can do too.

You don’t have to have one specific category you stay in style wise. You can literally take an article of clothing from each of our outfits and create a completely new look. Block out all the nonsense and let fashion be your way of self expression.


A BIG thank you to the girls who helped this post come together!!

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