Colors of Summer 2020

Brighten up 2020 with this color pallet filled with a mix of brights and pastels. These six colors have taken over Summer 2020 and can be found in all of your favorite retailers. You can go the monochrome rout and use different shades to complete your fit or mix and match colors for an eye catching look.

16 Black Owned Fashion and Beauty Businesses to Support Now

As a white person I have privilege. I have never feared for my life while wearing a hoodie, nor lost a love one to police brutality. I will NEVER even begin to know the struggle or pain the black community is feeling. It is not my place as a white person to speak on behalf of the black community, nor accept glory for advocating for black lives because that is something we ALL should be doing…
With that being said, there are various ways you can support the black community and fight for equality. One of them being shop black owned businesses. Here are a list of some amazing black owned fashion and beauty companies, along with links to other resources to support BLM.